What do we do?
You can trust us with the care and management of your own capital or that of your family as well as family governance in times when it is difficult to manage this by yourself or by your closer family or friends, e.g. when you are abroad, disabled, or at high age.
The way you can involve us are for instance by granting us power of attorney (e.g. in your living will), appointing us as (professional stand by) administrator or executor in your last will, appointing us as a neutral and professional member in your Family Trust or Foundation or any other aspect of family governance, asking us to cover the settlement of your estate.
Entrepreneurs, family owned businesses and high net-worth individuals rely on our professional and confidential services.
We only operate within the Kingdom of The Netherlands, but are well equipped to service Dutch based clients with properties, relatives or heirs abroad or foreign based clients with property or relatives within The Netherlands and when the property, (living) will, prenuptial agreement and marriage conditions or taxation have Dutch aspects.

What is fiduciary care?
A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care imposed in a service relationship. Fiduciary stems from the Latin root 'fiducia' which means 'to trust'.


Our seven core principles:
1.- Operate within the Law and the service agreement with our clients
2.- Be loyal to our clients
3.- Operate careful and always in the clients best interest
4.- Identify and address conflicts of interest
5.- Provide full and fair disclosure to a selected group as agreed to by our clients
6.- Guard non-disclosure of information beyond the selected client-group and maintain documents and records to the highest level of professionally and careful service
7.- Explain our compensation.

Who are we?
Fiduciary Care B.V., is a closed civil company established under the Laws of The Netherlands. It's founders, shareholders and directors are: Hans Blikslager and Robert Molleman. They have extensive experience in the field of servicing family business and individuals. Of course they are subject to severe confidentiality rules, state or branch authority control and disciplinary action.

Hans Blikslager started of in accountancy and graduated in 1988 in Fiscal Economics at the University of Amsterdam. Later he was educated as estate planner and (estate) mediator. As tax specialist family estate and business law, he works both on national and cross border aspects on the crossing of the entrepreneur, his business and family. As tax consultant he is member of the Dutch Order of Tax Consultants NOB); as estate planner he is member of the association of Registered Estate Planners(REP); as mediator he is member of the Dutch Federation of Mediators (MfN), the Association for Fiscal Mediation (VFM) and the Foundation of Registered Inheritance Mediators.

Robert Molleman is financial controller and administrator and also has his roots in the accountancy. He specializes in bookkeeping, financial/administrative services and -advice.

They have complementary education and experience and are old business friends:
'We are convinced that through our longlasting friendship and complementary professional skills, we can offer an important service to our clients'.